Financial Issues


An honorarium check can be made out to Richard Ross Ministries.

Receiving the honorarium at the close of the event is typical.

I want to follow God's leadership related to speaking and travel regardless of financial issues. But because many church leaders ask for guidance about honoraria and love offerings, the following statement is provided:

Like many, I have taken a significant salary decrease in order to train ministers and leaders through the seminary. In reality, we expect our teachers and professors to earn part of their livelihood through a broader ministry of traveling and speaking. In earlier positions, love offerings were just a nice supplement; now they are basic.

Due to tithe, offerings, and taxes, 30 percent of love offerings never appear in the family budget. As a result, a love offering of, say, $1,000 actually benefits the family with $700.

My desire to be a fully devoted father and husband places a ceiling on the number of events I can accept. Thus, each of those events I am able to accept becomes an important part of the financial support for the family.

- To date, most love offerings for out-of-town, weekend events have ranged from $1000 to $2,500.

- To date, most love offerings from local events have ranged from $300 to $500 on Wednesdays and $700 to $1,100 on Sundays.

With that background, I trust churches and conferences to do what is fair.

Travel Expenses

  1. 2019 IRS mileage reimbursement = 58 cents per mile.
  2. For trips within driving distance, hosts may find a rental car less expensive than paying mileage. To check rates, hosts may call Enterprise Rental, typically the cheapest company in south Fort Worth (817-370-9765).
  3. Round-trip to DFW Airport is 68 miles.
  4. DFW parking is $24 per 24-hour period.
  5. Luxury hotels waste kingdom resources. Budget facilities are preferred.
  6. A rental car after flying is not necessary unless it simplifies issues for the host.
  7. When a host does want me to rent a car, I greatly prefer Budget. As a frequent renter, they have a car waiting with keys in it, and I can skip the long and tiring lines at the rental counter.
  8. With a rental car, I accept the insurance provided on the body of the car. That way, if I have a wreck while on business, my personal insurance will not be cancelled or rates increased. I will be happy to decline the insurance if my host will send me an e-mail, indicating the host will accept liability for the car if an accident occurs.

Flight Information

  1. Hosts send an electronic ticket for air. Please allow me to approve itinerary before final ticketing.
  2. American Airlines is preferred if fares are close; because of my mileage status, American allows me to use the Admiral's Club at no cost, and they check all my luggage for free.
  3. American Frequent Flier: J029862 (0=zero)
  4. Preferred air seating: exit aisle (or forward-most aisle).

Personal Requirements

  1. Wine and Dine (well, grape juice and dine): Fancy restaurants are not important. I have no expectation of going out to nice places. (But, if taking me allows a staff member to get the church credit card--and take his wife--and thus charge the church for his tenth wedding anniversary meal--I will go and just hum Italian music while feeling awkward).
  2. Welcome Baskets: I love the expression of love, but the food is a waste. Give the money to feed a hungry child.
  3. Move-in: My little rollaboard is not too heavy, and it has wheels. Unless you have a really tall curb, I should be able to roll it into the church with limited assistance.
  4. The M&Ms in the green room must be in precisely the same color ratio as they come in a typical retail package.
  5. Bottled waters in the green room must have French names. (If necessary, you may fill old bottles with flat Sprite left open since the last lock-in).
  6. I always travel with a Traveling Companion. He does not require an air ticket since He owns the airlines as well as the cattle on a thousand hills.
  7. Stage power requirements are large. That is why this event must be saturated with prayer.