Impact Parents and Teenagers Sunday Noon

I often lead an event for parents and teenagers over the noon hour, "Restoring Heart Connections between Parents and Teenagers." After the meal I lead parents and teenagers into some powerful experiences together. Youth leaders tell me they see family relationships altered even in visible ways during this session. I do not give a talk during this session. Instead, I lead families through a powerful time of sharing and communication.

  1. For the noon event the church needs to provide care for grade-schoolers. After they eat, they can go to watch a video or play in traffic. The sharing between the parents and teenagers will be focused and intense, and the grade-schoolers really need to be somewhere else.
  2. For the noon event you will want to invite a few adults who do not have teenagers. They can be “substitute parents” for those teenagers who attend without parents present. We don’t want anyone left out during the times when we put families in sharing mode with one another.
  3. We often lose valuable time waiting for long lines to be served. Consider two lines or other plans for speeding serving. Also, ask the hostess to serve people as they arrive. Waiting for all to arrive before serving guarantees long delays. (Almost every Sunday those first to arrive find the line not prepared.)
  4. People will appreciate your placing a few boxes of tissues on the tables since some families will experience tears as they restore heart connections. But please do not have workers moving around the room handing out tissues—it is distracting to families.
  5. We will need one hour from the time people finish eating for this final session. I will not run long since child care is an issue.
  6. It does not matter where people sit while they eat. Everyone will move slightly away from the tables for the sharing time. I have a specific way of showing people how to gather and sit with family members.
  7. No video projection is needed for this session, but a simple microphone and a stool are.