Event Planning

Out One Night

Except for Christmas and Easter, I generally fly somewhere every weekend of the school year. My wife affirms my doing this because she loves Jesus. She spends every Saturday and both services every Sunday alone. Two days home alone every week is a big deal. So I made a commitment years ago to be out only one night. Otherwise, I just multiply the hours she spends alone in our home. (The only time I make exceptions is when I have assignments from the seminary or the denomination.)

When I serve with churches, I am much more interested in fitting in with their plans than doing "my thing." The following thoughts only are provided for perspective.

Sunday Morning Focus

If the goal of my coming is kingdom impact on parents, then choosing the time for them to gather is important. When parent events are planned for Saturday or for Sunday evening, generally only the best parents of the church attend. They are the ones who need help the least. After observing several hundred weekends, I can say with assurance that the weakest parents of the church will only attend on Sunday morning and noon. No level of promotion seems able to motivate them to come out any other time. And yet these are the adults who are parenting poorly and are making almost no effort to spiritually lead at home. By gathering parents during the Sunday morning Bible teaching hour, we often see 10 times more parents experiencing life change than we would see on Saturday or on Sunday evening. And even the weakest parents will stay for a noon event when they have just experienced life impact during the Bible teaching hour and in worship.