Youth Ministry That Lasts a Lifetime

Youth Ministry That Lasts a Lifetime

Youth ministry that doesn’t last a lifetime doesn’t matter very much.

The real criteria for evaluating youth ministry is this question: Are we consistently introducing teenagers to Jesus and then discipling most of them into believers who will, for a lifetime, love God, love people, and make disciples for the glory of God?

Everyone who evaluates youth ministry needs to ask a new set of questions.

  • The issue really is not: How is our youth group doing today?
  • Instead, the core question is: How will our youth group be doing for a lifetime?

Most youth pastors love King Jesus supremely and do their work tirelessly. But by employing a sixty-year-old model of youth ministry, the great majority of church teenagers are not becoming world-changing disciples as adults.


Youth Ministry That Lasts a Lifetime proposes the most radical change in youth ministry in recent decades. That new model flows directly from Scripture and is consistent with the best research concerning teenagers who follow Jesus for a lifetime.

Is the church willing to give up comfortable youth ministry
for a radically new model that is likely
to lead many more teenagers to lifetime faith?

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