Sunday Morning Video for Parents

Sunday Morning Video for Parents

1.Churches are granted the right to present this video without cost. All other uses require written permission from Richard Ross Ministries.

2. By God’s grace, I have spoken in more than 400 churches since 2000. If the King permits, I will continue traveling and speaking for years. Smaller churches often do not have resources to bring in speakers, and yet their parents are as important as any. I created this video as a gift to those smaller churches.

3.This video is designed for showing to all the parents of a church on Sunday morning, usually during the Bible teaching hour. Showing it on Sunday morning makes it far more likely that it will be seen by parents who need it most. Showing it at other times makes it more likely the weakest parents will not see it.

4.Spiritual impact will be diminished if the video runs over the normal dismissal time. That means the video must begin 57 minutes before that dismissal time. Those who arrive late can simply slip in when they arrive. Serving refreshments before the start time might encourage some to arrive early.

5.Parents may make life-changing decisions during the closing moments of the video. This can be lost if people start walking in for the next meeting. Door signs or ushers should request no one enter during those final moments.

6.Some churches may want to provide parenting resources before or after the video.

7.Wifi can be undependable and thus can harm the impact of the video. Downloading the video will mean fewer problems.


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