Student Ministry and the Supremacy of Christ

Student Ministry and the Supremacy of Christ
Richard Ross

The goal of student ministry is students who spend a lifetime embracing the full supremacy of the Son, responding to His majesty in all of life, inviting Christ to live His life through them, and joining Him in making disciples among all peoples. Ross notes, “Student ministry that does not matter for a lifetime does not matter much.”

This book proposes a model of student ministry that is far different from the past. This approach calls for:

  1. Immersing teenagers in life-on-life, transformational relationships with several godly adults,
  2. Drawing teenagers into a web of rich, intergenerational relationships in the congregation, and
  3. Equipping and supporting parents as those parents take first place in spiritual leadership.

In addition to the core value noted about, the book also offers:

  1. Spiritual markers that each student should achieve each year of adolescence.
  2. A complete plan for assisting students as they make the transition from high school to college/trade school/military.
  3. Extensive content church leaders can use as they teach parents how to parent teenagers.
  4. A complete strategic planning process for student ministry, including a team-based approach to implementing major student ministry events.
  5. A practical plan for mobilizing students to spend a summer, semester, or year on a personal mission trip soon after high school graduation—including a plan for financing these trips.
  6. A plan for discipling/mentoring students whose parents have not met Christ—while other students are being led by their believing parents.
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