Reign: Awakening a Young Generation to King Jesus

Reign: Awakening a Young Generation to King Jesus

By Richard Ross and Clayton Ross

Before you teach the Reign curriculum, please watch this introduction video.


If you will present large-group talks as part of the Reign study, see these outlines.

Reign: Awakening a Young Generation to King Jesus is a student ministry curriculum designed for use in youth camps, youth retreats, DiscipleNow Weekends, church Bible classes, discipleship groups, and family studies. The curriculum includes four small-group Bible studies and four personal devotionals.

Reign immerses teenagers in a study of a facet of Jesus Christ that has received little attention. That facet is Christ’s majestic glory and preeminence as He reigns from the throne of heaven.

Through this study, many teenagers will see and embrace Jesus in a way that is entirely new for them. They will:

Reflect on His preexistence with triune God

 Hear Him speak creation into existence

  See announcements of His glory in the Old Testament

   Observe the cross as the high watermark of Christ’s supremacy

    Watch Him rise from the grave and ascend to heaven

     Celebrate as God the Father enthrones the Son at His right hand

      Join the heavenly throng in singing, “King of kings and Lord of lords!”

The Reign study directly confronts what many leaders believe is the primary shortfall of teenagers in the church today—a me-centered faith some call Moral Therapeutic Deism. Church teenagers do love Jesus, but they tend to see Him as a nice friend or even a mascot. They keep Him in the background of their lives, with one exception. When they face some problem or obstacle, they fully expect Him to show up and poof their troubles away. He is relevant only when He is making their lives happier and problem free.

The antithesis to “It’s all about me” is the truth “It’s all about the glorious King Jesus.” Teenagers who understand, embrace, and follow Christ as supreme move from “Jesus is my mascot” to “Jesus is my Monarch.”

Titles of the Four Small-Group Sessions

Session 1: Little Jesus in My Pocket

Session 2: Who Jesus Is Today

Session 3: Christ Enthroned Changes Everything

Session 4: Waking Up the World to Christ

Reign: Awakening a Young Generation to King Jesus is a study that could not be more timely. For the glory of the Father and by the power of the Spirit, it is time to rivet the eyes of teenagers on the majesty of their King.


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