Pure Hearts at Home

Pure Hearts at Home

A life of sexual purity flows out of transformed hearts. Jesus Christ transforms hearts.

Hearts are transformed when individuals trust by faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Hearts are transformed when Christ followers embrace God’s Word in the power of the Spirit.

Hearts are transformed when Christ followers are awakened to the enthroned majesty of God’s Son.

Hearts are transformed when Christ followers worship King Jesus with awe and love.

Hearts are transformed when children follow the teaching and example of their believing parents. 

Hearts are transformed when believing adults lead the next generation toward total-life purity.

Pure Hearts at Home is a movement among Christ followers to move toward sexual purity in the power of the Spirit for the glory of God. 

The movement embraces families of one or many. 

The movement embraces grace and a God of second chances.

The movement invites families to move toward purity through study, worship, and grace-filled accountability.

The movement invites believing fathers to lead their families toward purity. 

The movement invites the church to be a family for all, including those who are the only believer at home. 

The movement embraces grace, joy, and adoration and sidesteps moralism and legalism.

Churches prepare for a Pure Hearts at Home Sunday over several weeks.

Churches lead family members to strengthen heart connections.

Churches gather Christ followers to study biblical truth by age groups and life situations.

Churches gather Christ followers during the Bible teaching hour on Pure Hearts at Home Sunday.

Preteen and older Christ followers gather in the auditorium.

The senior pastor or guest speaker clearly and positively presents what God’s Word says about sexual purity.

The speaker addresses gender, the thought life, and sexual expression inside and outside of covenant marriage. 

The speaker presents blessings that follow obedience and harm that follows disobedience.

Churches gather the full congregation during morning worship on Pure Hearts at Home Sunday.

The senior pastor or guest speaker preaches during the sermon period.

By the Spirit, the speaker seeks to awaken believers to the glory of who Christ the King is today.

The speaker presents lifetime purity as a gift of love and adoration to the resplendent King.

The speaker speaks of purity in general terms appropriate for even small children.

Churches gather Christ-followers in the dining hall at noon.

Families enjoy a noon meal together. Intentional plans draw families of one into community with others.

After eating, children younger than preteen move to separate care and activities.

Preteen and older Christ followers participate in a time of worship and commitment related to purity.

Families, both biological families and community groups composed of families of one, move through worship as families.

Following a printed guide, believing fathers (or single mothers) take a lead role in worship by families.

Families offer heartfelt adoration to Christ enthroned at his Father’s right hand.

Families offer their lifetime purity to the Almighty, recognizing that at times they will stumble, receive grace, and move forward again.

Families make commitments to lovingly supporting one another in living out their movement toward purity.

Families create ways to encourage one another through warm, grace-filled accountability.

Families conclude worship as children pray over parents and parents pray over children.

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Three Options for Implementation

  1. Invite Richard Ross to come to your church to speak in the Bible teaching hour, morning worship service, and noon commitment ceremony. This invitation includes:

  2. Purchase a license to join the Pure Hearts at Home movement, and plan for local leaders to do the preaching and speaking. The license includes:
    • The right for your church to use the logo and artwork
    • Printed guidance in preparing for a Pure Hearts at Home Sunday
    • Outlines of the talk during the Bible teaching hour, the sermon for the morning worship service, and copy for the noon commitment ceremony
    • The full script for the talk during the Bible teaching hour, the sermon for the morning worship service, and the plan and copy for the noon commitment ceremony (received 09/10/2018)
    • The option to receive a monthly electronic newsletter containing guidance in following up Pure Hearts at Home, continuing upgrades to the movement, and creative ideas from other churches.
    • Support for the expansion of the movement, including an administrative assistant, graphic designer, copy editor, etc.

  3. Families in nonparticipating churches are invited to join the movement. Fathers or single mothers can present the talks to their families and can lead their families through the commitment ceremony.

License Options

A Family $5
A Church less than 300 $20
A Church 300-900 $35
A Church more than 900 $50


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