Accelerate: Parenting Teenagers Toward Adulthood

Accelerate: Parenting Teenagers Toward Adulthood
Richard Ross, Compiler

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   “A Generation of 20-Somethings Who Fail to Launch”
   “Partnering with Parents to Provide Rites of Passage into Adulthood”
   “Teaching Teenagers What Adults Know”
   “Teaching Teenagers about Biblical Marriage”
   “Spiritual Transformation at Home”

As a parent, you stand at a crossroads. If you repeat the parenting approaches of the past, your children may well become 20-somethings similar to those today—living in a never, never land between the teenage years and adulthood.

Or you can seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and think new thoughts. You can link arms with church leaders and other significant adults and begin to parent in fresh new ways. Those fresh approaches are the focus of this book. Soon you may see your own high school graduates well on their way to adulthood, deeply in love with Christ, and wanting nothing more than His glory.

What people are saying:

“Our team at Growing Leaders is working to raise national awareness of an increasing adolescent population who postpones growing up. Though church and community leaders can make strategic corrections, our research suggests that parents may have the most important role to play in resolving this crisis. Richard Ross and his writing team give parents of faith the clear guidance they need in the new book Accelerate. They give parents helpful advice as they rear a generation of young adults who can live out their faith for a lifetime and have the maturity to make a difference in the world.”
Dr. Tim Elmore I President of Growing Leaders
author of Generation iY and Artificial Maturity,

“Equipping children to become biblical men and women is difficult for any parent. As first-time parents of teenagers, my wife and I have benefitted from this wise and practical help for parenting our girls toward adulthood. As a pastor and family ministry practitioner, I will recommend this book for the parents in my church and the ministry leaders I serve—to raise children that become adults who live to take up their cross, deny themselves, and follow King Jesus wherever He may lead.”
Dr. Brian Haynes
Author, family minister, and lead pastor of Bay Area First Baptist Church, League City, Texas

Richard Ross and his writing team offer an urgent call to parents and church leaders to reclaim a compelling, kingdom vision for the next generation! God does not call teens and young adults to flounder and spend a decade “finding themselves” but to be used by God today and to actively prepare to lead their future families. The book is packed with biblical foundation, compelling vision, and specific, practical ways parents can lead their children toward extraordinary lives for Christ and His kingdom.
Dr. Rob Rienow
Founder of Visionary Family Ministries,

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Handouts for group or personal study