People and Relationships

Learning for Life Modules will be posted here beginning September 1. These free PDF downloads will provide content for parents to use in conversations with their teenagers—conversations designed to accelerate teenagers toward adulthood.

Choosing a Mate or a Call to Singlehood

Biblical Principles, List of Qualities, Using Parent’s Marriage to Model Dating/Courting, Engagement, etc.


Biblical Roles of Husbands/Wives, Resolving Conflict, Divorce and Lifetime Marriage, Love and Respect, Communication, Pre-marital Counseling, etc.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Sanctity of Life, Conception, Fetal Development, Contraception, Birth Process, etc.


The Ultimate Purpose, Communication, The Blessing, Discipline, Spiritual Leadership of Children, Grandparents and Extended Family, etc.

Human Relationships

Adult Friendships, Conflict Resolution, Relating to the Opposite Sex, Communication, Technology and Relationships, Manners, Dealing with Difficult People, etc.


Choosing and Living Consistent with Priorities, Time Management, Setting Goals and Directions, Breaking Big Projects into Steps, Balancing Life, Choosing Higher Education, etc.

Health and Well-being

Diet and Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Rest, When to Go to the Hospital, Choosing Health-Care Professionals, Choosing Health-Care Facilities, Stress, Depression, etc.