Learning for Life Modules will be posted here beginning September 1. These free PDF downloads will provide content for parents to use in conversations with their teenagers—conversations designed to accelerate teenagers toward adulthood.

Family Finances

Tithing, Creating a Budget, Record Keeping, Good and Bad Debt, Investments, Taxes, Insurance, Finding Cost Savings, etc.

Maintaining a Place to Live

Mortgages, Property Taxes, Home Owners and Renters Insurance, Appliances, Electrical System, Plumbing System, Heat and Air System, Codes and Building Permits, Remodeling, etc.


Buying a Car, Car Insurance, License, Tags and Inspections, Emergencies, Choosing a Repair Shop, Scheduled Maintenance, When the Car Breaks Down, etc.


Doing Laundry, Repairing Clothes, Finding Bargains on Clothes, Appropriate and Modest Clothing, Packing for a Trip, etc.


Meal Planning, Special Diets, Shopping for Food, Cooking and Preparing a Meal, Serving a Meal, etc.

Civic Duties

Political Campaigns and Voting, Influencing Legislation, Participating in Politics, The Military, Local Involvement (School Board, etc.), etc.

Choosing a Vocation

Biblical Principles, God’s Specific Leading, Preparing a Resume, Interview Skills, Hard Work and Integrity, etc

Your Job

Inside or Outside the Home, Relating to a Boss, Supervising Others, Adding Value to the Enterprise, Kingdom Impact in Your Workplace, etc.


Kingdom Impact on Campus, How to Study, How to Find a Church, How to Choose Friends Wisely, How to Approach Social Life, etc.