Learning for Life Modules are posted below. These free PDF downloads provide content for parents to use in conversations with their teenagers—conversations designed to accelerate teenagers toward adulthood.

Ultimate Issues

God’s Purpose in Creation, God’s Purpose for Me, The Gospel, My Identity in Christ, The Great Commission, The Great Commandment, etc.

The Great Commandment

Central Doctrines

The Trinity, The Bible, Creation and Providence, Humanity and Sin, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Salvation, The Christian Life, The End of Time, etc.

The Bible

Spiritual Disciplines

Private Prayer, Meditation, Scripture Memory, Fasting, Journaling, etc.


Conditions for Revival

Scripture Memory

How to Study the Bible

Historical Setting, Author, Original Hearers/Readers, Context, Other Passages, etc.


Creation, Historical Facts, Prophecies and Fulfillment, The Biblical Manuscripts, The Resurrection, etc.


Creation, Culture, Government, World Religions, etc.

The Will of God

Scripture, Wise People, etc.


Your Testimony, Domestic Missions, International Missions, Your School Campus as a Mission Field, Church Planting, etc.


Christ the Model, etc.

Life Issues

Anger and Bitterness, Courage and Boldness, Death and Dying, Fear and Anxiety, Gratitude, Persecution and Martyrdom, Spiritual Warfare, Stewardship, Suffering, etc.

Church Leadership

Spiritual Leadership, Preaching and Teaching, Church Vocations, etc.

Church Practices

Baptism, The Lord’s Supper, Church Membership, Corporate Worship, The Lord’s Day, etc.



Abortion, Poverty, Justice, War, etc.


God’s Purpose for Sex, Total Life Purity, Gender Roles and Differences, Homosexuality, The Online World, Expressing Physical Affection, etc.